Service Agreement – Free replacement of equipment purchased from Yesmeal

1. Definition of Service

1)Free replacement: Yesmeal provides product warranty on its equipment for a duration of 1 months from the time of purchase. Yesmeal warrants a one-time replacement for its product(s), free of charge, should all service requirements are met. This warranty covers normal use of the equipment. Yesmeal does not warrant misuse, improper handling, lack of care, abuse, or unauthorized parts.
2)Duration of Service: 1 months from receiving confirmation of the product (e.g.: if the customer confirms receipt on May 1, 2023, the service will expire on June 1, 2023).
3)Intact equipment: products (including the equipment and accessories) with the same brand and specification as the alleged malfunctioned equipment.
4)Free replacement is only valid when all of the following requirements are met:
     a)No record of past replacement, and replacement request t is made within the expiration date of service;
     b)Adequate proof of defects (by videos and pictures, etc.) have been provided by the customer to identify the problem;
     c)The equipment requested for service matches specifics of the products (including but not limited to model, color, serial number, etc.) ordered from Yesmeal.

2. Warranty Coverage

1)Malfunctioning of mechanical and/or electrical parts;
2)Malfunctioning caused by internal humidity and/or condensation;
Products with hardware damage caused by improper storage by merchants will not be replaced because such damage is attributed by external environmental factors.

3. Miscellaneous

1)Each equipment will only receive one free replacement.
2)Customers who have terminated partnership with Yesmeal are no longer entitled to free replacement service.
3)Customers are required to return both the equipment and accessories, including the original packaging to Yesmeal. Customer will be responsible for packaging costs for failing to provide the original packaging.
4)Replacement service may not be available in the following circumstances:
      a)A customer has already received one free replacement service;
      b)If there is an alternative agreement between Yesmeal. Yesmeal and the customer with respect to replacement services which is executed after this service agreement, the alternative agreement between the parties will apply and will supersede all prior agreements between the parties on this matter including this replacement service agreement;
      c)Malfunctions and/or damage only occurred on accessories (including but not limited to charging cable, charger, etc.), complimentary items, or packaging;
      d)The Equipment requested by the customer for replacement doesn’t match with the equipment in Yesmeal’s record (including but not limited to model, color, serial number, etc.)
      e)The customer has already received unauthorized service from a third party for the equipment requested for replacement;
      f)Yesmeal agreed to provide a replacement of the same brand and specification, but the customer rejected Yesmeal’s offer. Or the customer requested a replacement with higher level of equipment from Yesmeal;
      g)The manufacturer has stopped making the same equipment requested by the customer or the requested equipment is out of stock. Yesmeal  agreed to provide a replacement of higher level of products with the same brand but the customer rejected Yesmeal’s offer.
5)Warranty for free replacement service will be revoked in case the customer abuses this service, including but not limited to the following circumstances:
      a)The Customer requested replacement service in order to make profit from this free replacement of service;
      b)The Customer committed dishonest behavior during a replacement service (e.g. switching equipment ordered from Yesmeal with different devices.