Yesmeal has successfully integrated with Clover !

Effortless Integration

Want to integrate your point-of-sale (POS) system with Yesmeal? Simply register with Yesmeal and let your Yesmeal restaurant consultant know your requirements. We’ll turn your integration into a reality.

Simplified Operations and Cost Reduction

Boost Efficiency

Process Yesmeal orders directly from your POS system.

Reduce Training and Errors

A unified system reduces training needs and errors while freeing up front-of-house space.

Cost Savings

No need to purchase additional equipment, and enjoy free integration services.


Yesmeal integration involves connecting your point-of-sale (POS) system to simplify ordering and fulfillment operations at your restaurant. We have developed technology to enable real-time transmission of orders directly to your kitchen. You can eliminate the use of tablets to manage Yesmeal orders and process them alongside your in-house orders.

In short, integrating Yesmeal with your restaurant’s POS system can help streamline your operations, allowing you to:

Improve efficiency through simplified order management.
Enable your staff to handle Yesmeal orders from your existing POS system, reducing device clutter.

You can toss the tablets into the drawer! Orders from the Yesmeal app or will be sent directly to your front-of-house via Clover.

Click here to sign up, and our restaurant consultant will contact you to discuss the specific details.

We are actively working on integrating with other POS systems as well. You can click here to register your interest, and we will collaborate with them to fulfill your requirements as soon as possible.