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How to set up a "Reviews Reward"?

Operating Procedures:

Login to Merchant’s Portal > Marketing > Reviews Reward > +Add

You can set “Reviews Rewards” according to the following procedures:

Step 1
Login to your Merchant Portal

Step 2

Click “Marketing” followed by “Reviews Reward

Step 3

Click “Add“located at the top right


Step 4

Enter the event name, event duration, and reward criteria (i.e., rewarding users for posting or being selected as featured during the event period for sharing their purchases).

Note: It is possible to concurrently run separate events for posting and featuring selected shares during the same timeframe

Step 5

Set the rewards that users can receive upon meeting the reward criteria

Step 6

Configure reward notification messages with customizable content. You can include references to shared products and details of the rewards in the notifications. Then read and accept the “Terms & Conditions“.Finally, choose “Confirm” to create your reviews reward campaign.

Note: If you wish to start a saved campaign, click “Publish

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