Connects you with your customers

Yesmeal Store helps every single order from you

Yesmeal Store offers a variety of marketing tools to handle promotions and easy-to-use

why not to start restaurant marketing yourself?

A variety of tools to promo restaurant

Make every single social media share, event notification, promotion or other kind of offering with your unique store link and profile card to the customers, each notification to remind customer with your store activities and invite them to enter the store and attract them with discount offers and makes them to place an order.

Million ways to offer coupon to keep returning customer

In person store visit customer as most valuable potential customer, concerning about how to make them become returning customer? Try to offer a discount coupon after the customer scanned barcode to make the order. Once they got sweetness, they will return for more.

First-order discount to bring in more new customer

An impressive Menu can not garentee of ordering by first time new customer, but discount offer do! Make a surprise to the new customers and let them feel the special treat!

Coupon for Storewide use to bring more opportunities

storewide discount brings more customers and orders, it's benefit you and also the customer. Sit and wait the returning customer!

Discounts for selective items to attract more customers

How can I promote menu items to attract more customer s want to try it? Try to make discount on the items, customer is easier to order items with price incentive.

Connects you with your customers

Explore your protential customers