Easier to control your business with Yesmeal Store

Merchant 2.0 for iOS (Mobile)

Real-time order tracking

Accept orders with one click on your mobile phone, easier manage of orders in process, timely handle items that are unavailable in the order

Pre-order management

Check pre-sale orders anytime, anywhere, prepare necessary ingredients in advance, reasonably arrange meals in the kitchen, and relif from meal preparation stress

Menu item on & unavailable

just one simple click to reveal restock or out-of-stock menu items, to avoid any customer compalint about ordering with stock problem

IM instant communication

Yesmeal create more opportunities to make instantly communication between business and it's customer while ordering online

Put the restaurant into your pocket and achieve mobile management

Easy-to-Use, convenient and fast

taking orders by simply clicks on your mobile phone which everyone can learn and operate wihtout any complex training and operation

Seamless connection, data sharing

Data interoperability on multiple platforms, no need for repetitive operation. PC, tablet, mobile phone, there is always a device that suits you

Connects you with your customers

Explore your protential customers