Connects you with your customers

Know your customers better via Yesmeal Store

Customer value is the key to be success!

Partner with customers to benefit your business, and Yesmeal is here to provide a FREE system for customer management.

Easy to build your Customer database

Yesmeal system automatically create customers' profile via their daily browsing and regular sales activities, instead of spending time to build, maintenance and utilizing of customer database yourself.

Efficient customer management

it's simply to update your customer's information online at Yesmeal, or to add labels about preference, behavior or even more at anytime!

Precision Customer Marketing

Still using flyers for your promotion? Yesmeal is here to help with ECRM system, send out the coupon by one simply click to all your high value potential customer at once, twice the result with half the effort!

IM instant communication

Yesmeal create more opportunities to make instantly communication between business and it's customer while ordering online, that makes business get to know customer's demand better and improve its customers' ordering experiences, especially the communication right before placing an order.

Connects you with your customers

Explore your protential customers